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New Shooting

I’ve done a lot of shooting lately after a bit of a break. I recently got a job at Wolf Camera…. which is awesome and I really like it but I definitely miss shooting a lot. Recently I went down to Macon, Ga to hang out with my sister and her Fiance. They are the cutest couple and I got to shoot off a few pictures for them. I’ll be adding a few more pictures down the line but for now just check out my Flickr Photostream.

Put A Ring On It



I love taking picture of people. Portraiture is definitely one of my favorite aspects of photography. This amazing person in the portrait is William Twitty, my lovely boyfriend. Here are two of my favorite pictures from today.

Twitty_1 Twitty_2


Things are not always easy in my life. It’s hard to keep up the pace sometimes but all I have to do is look at my Danica Marie and I’m all better. She’s turning 3 in July. She also just recently decided to be fully potty trained. An incredible feat I assure you.



Warm Lines

The end of January is fast approaching. This means only one thing to me. Summer will be here soon. Lately here in GA we’ve had  A LOT of snow. I really don’t like the snow….because its cold 🙂 I am a summer girl through and through! Today was an absolutely fabulous feeling day. I had a great chance to do some afternoon shooting with my lovely little daughter Danica. Without further ado I present to you Warm Lines 😀


The Process

I tend to make a lot of composites in photoshop. To make a composite you simply take at least two pictures and put them together. I use photoshop to make my composites but this process has been around a long time. My favorite”compositer” is Jerry Uelsmann. Uelsmann created composites in the darkroom. He created the most amazing images I have ever seen to this day. I am not comparing myself to Uelsmann in any sort of way. I just look up to him as an artist. I have created a new composite but this time I thought I would show how I made it. Below are the two images this composite is made of.

And here is my final composite with a little photoshop work. 😀 oh and by the way… The girl in the picture is me and the most amazing William Twitty took the shot.


The Rift

So my lovely boyfriend watches nothing but BBC America on tv. During a recent visit to his house I was left alone watching a Doctor Who marathon. I’ve never been much of a Doctor Who fan but for some reason on this day I took a liking to it. A few scattered episodes on TV wouldn’t do it for me though. Lately I’ve been watching seasons on Netflix(which is amazing and you should get it). So last night in a very productive photoshop session I created something with a Doctor Who inspiration.

The Rift

Digging through my hard drive

Lately I’ve been doing some digging into the depths of my 1TB hard drive to get some inspiration for compositing. I found this picture today. I took this picture during the last few weeks of my Commercial Photography program at Gwinnett Tech. I love pictures of people in masks and that might be why I like this one. The model in this picture is the most amazing Allyson Stephens. Well,  thats enough of an introduction I think! Lets get to the photo of the day. Ta-Da!